Since February 2011, our mission is to educate parishioners on the Catholic Church teachings on the Dignity of Human Life and the issues that threaten it. Our presence is a reminder of God's ultimate show of love and mercy. We hope that families that are suffering from the effects of abortion find the healing and mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Dear Pro Life Friends, 
See important update below from Kathy Gallagher at the NYS Catholic Conference. Of special note is the NYS Court of Appeals case that we need to continue to pray for because a decision is due this month.  

Physician-assisted suicide
We believe that there is very little chance that the assisted suicide legislation (A.2383/S.3151) will move during this session. This is a testament to the excellent work of our NY Alliance Against Assisted Suicide, as well as the advocacy efforts of the dioceses and Catholic grassroots.

For your information, you can go to this link to watch the NYS Court of Appeals webcast of the May 30 oral arguments in Myers vs. Schneiderman, the doctor-assisted suicide case:
A decision could come as early as later this month.

Commercial surrogacy
The bill to legalize commercial surrogate motherhood (S.17-A/A.6959-A) continues to sit on the Senate Calendar, and can be voted on at any time.
We are doing all we can here in Albany to put the brakes on this dangerous bill. Our memo of opposition is here, which includes good talking points.

Planned Parenthood bills
We are closely monitoring several bills (S.159/A.3693 and S.1070/A.2705) that would give additional state taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood. We have strongly opposed these bills (see bill memos here and here) and are cautiously optimistic that they will advance no further.

New health insurance regulations
Yesterday the Cuomo administration said it will be issuing new emergency regulations to require all health insurance providers in the state to cover all the preventive services offered under the federal Affordable Health Care Act. This includes contraception and abortion coverage, and it is unclear how these new regulations will intersect with the previously-proposed regulations on contraception and abortion, which we vigorously opposed, and how it will impact the ongoing litigation over an abortion mandate.

Will keep you updated in the coming days....
Kathleen M. Gallagher
Director of Pro-Life Activities
New York State Catholic Conference
465 State Street
Albany, NY 12203

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